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1 john 1:7 commentary

That ALL might believe - This is God's heart! IN JOHN'S GOSPEL, THE LIFE OF JESUS AS COVERED Marturia can be the witness per se. "Light" refers to God's absolute holiness. If God opens the eyes of our hearts to see all that, then our desires are captured by the surpassing glory of God over every thing that the world has to offer, and we walk in the light as He is in the light. I have something more to give you.” The surprised robber paused.

It shone.

‘We all with unveiled face, mirroring glory, are changed into the same image.’ So to walk in the light is only possible when we are drawn into it, and our feeble feet made fit to tread upon the radiant glory, by the thought that He is in the light. In the Nicene Creed, the church confesses Jesus Christ as "God of God, Light of Light."

The verb is (estin) is present tense indicating God is continually in the light. We can walk in the light because of Christ, not because of human merit.

Let me ask you a very practical question -- If such as has just been described were to become your daily pleasure (not duty, not a legalistic constraint, but your heart's desire prompted by His Spirit and His amazing grace) and you walked away from His presence with His thoughts coursing through your mind, how would that time of fellowship with Him impact your daily walk in the light and your fellowship with fellow believers? No matter what the reason or the time, the porch light was burning. Passing through the haunts of sin and iniquity, in sympathetic contact with the shame and sorrow of human life, He emerged sinless and stainless. Every Christian man should reckon that he is sent from God to bear witness to the great Light, that, through him, men might believe. Note the double "if" of cleansing: "If we walk in the light" (vs. 7), that is, "keep ourselves clear to the light" (a word Paul uses in writing to the Philippians), harboring nothing that savors of darkness, concealing nothing that Light longs to search out and put away; and again, "If we confess our sins" (vs. 9), the times and ways in which we have defiled ourselves by failure to walk in Light's perfect day. We are reflections of Christ, who is “the true Light” (John 1:9). Would you do service for Jesus your King? This latter lack is made up to us, restored in the New Birth.

If God is light, and in him is no darkness at all, then he is the bright pathway to the fulfillment of all our deepest longings. Is your desire to grow in grace? We get Christian hope confused when we think that our hope is based on now nice we are, or how well we behave, or on some hidden piece of us called “the soul” that will survive through death and destruction. What’s his gospel about but believing the truth? It should seem that the penman was one of the apostolical college by the sensible palpable assurance he had of the truth of the Mediator’s person in his human nature: That which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life, 1 John 1:1. (6.) 1:6,8,10).

Cleansed by the blood of Christ, and thus made holy, we are fitted for the heavenly communion. Israel as a nation, however, is known in the OT primarily for unbelief (John 12:38; cf. Beloved, when a schoolmaster writes the copy at the head of the page, he does not expect that the boy will come up to the copy; but then if the copy be not a perfect one, it is not fit to be imitated by a child; and so our God gives us himself as the pattern and copy, “Be ye imitators of God as dear children,” (Eph 5:1-note) for nothing short of Himself would be a worthy model. His light shines in, spots, opens up, identifies, illuminates, and shows things as they really are.

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