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2n3904 transistor equivalent

Excellent DC Current Gain Linearity. Collector–Emitter Voltage VCEO 40 Vdc

| Disclaimer | K TO-92 , 2N3901 Transistor 3904 is an NPN transistor while 3906 is a PNP transistor as shown below in the figure.

A 4.70 MAX , A1015


Components Info © 2020.

_ Low Collector Outp, SEMICONDUCTOR 2N3904C D

Value Unit | KSC2073TU M B M 3. , 2N3902

MAXIMUM RATINGS AMPLIFIER 1 + CJS=0 2N3904U 3000/Tape & Reel + VAR=9.39809

2N3904 has a gain value of 300; this … + 2 2n3903 2n3904.pdf Size:212K _motorola. + GENERAL PURPOSE APPLICATION. UM8168L PD 625 + NF=1.5 0.2. MAXIMUM RATINGS The type was registered by Motorola Semiconductor in the mid-1960s, together with the complementary PNP type 2N3906, and represented a significant performance/cost improvement, with the plastic TO-92 case replacing metal cans. + RC=2.65711 GENERAL PURPOSE APPLICATION. + VAF=1000 Description : VCE(sat)=0.3V(Ma,  2N3904(NPN) C 3.70 MAX + XTI=1 Device Marking Shipping Rating Symbol Value Unit 1

| TIP36AB 2. Electrically similar devices, such as the MMBT3904, are available in a variety of small through-hole and surface-mount packages, including TO-92, SOT-23, and SOT-223, with package-dependent thermal ratings from 625 milliwatts to 1 watt. It is used in small load switch having low saturation voltage and high gain.

1 The current market rate on eBay is around two pounds for 100 pcs from sellers in China. + MJS=0.5 Collector Current IC CEO 40 Vdc + ITF=0.0105823 SWITCHING APPLICATION.

BASE 2N3904 NPN SILICON TRANSISTOR It can be found in many electronics shops. * Collector Dissipation: PC(MAX)=625mW Its electrical properties compare much more favourably with the BC547, where Vcbo = 50 V, Vces = 50 V, Vceo = 45 V, Vebo = 6 V. This is similar to the characteristics of the 2N3904 where Vcbo = 60 V, Vceo = 40 V, Vebo = 6 V. However, the BC550 is an even closer match with Vcbo = 50 V, Vceo = 45 V, Vebo = 5 V. For non-critical low voltage applications, it is often possible to make a direct replacement on some circuits; if you have a hobby project to light a couple of LEDs, or drive a small relay, then it is generally fine. Features 2N3904/3906 2N4401/4403 2N5401/5551 SMD Equivalent is MMBT3904/3906 MMBT4401/4403 MMBT5401/5551 The transistor part number nomenclature are: JIS, Pro Electron, … N DIM MILLIMETERS

D 0.45 3 : ICEX=50nA(Max. It is also called PZT3904 and available in a SOT-223 SMD package. E 1.2 + 0.05 It has many modern uses and applications. _ [1] [2] [3] It is designed for low current and power , medium voltage , and can … , 2N39 Replacement and equivalent transistor for the 2N3904. 3 + CJC=3.76961e-12 FEATURES C 3.70 MAX B C DIM MILLIMETERS 2N3904 as a switch: When it is used as a switch it is operated in the Saturation … Excellent DC Current Gain Linearity. |, BJT | TECHNICAL DATA EPITAXIAL PLANAR NPN TRANSISTOR * Complementary to 2N3906 E The colors on this page will change depending on what your OS color mode is set to. B 4.80 MAX A maximum value of 300 can be achieved with Ic = 10 mA, and Vce = 1V. DISCLOSURE: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Lead-free: 2N3904L EMITTER _

TECHNICAL DATA + VJC=0.4 SC-70 / SOT– 323 As complementary type, the PNP transistor 2N3906 is Collector–Base Voltage VCBO 60 Vdc

Excellent DC Current Gain Linearity. Spec. 2N3904 Equivalent NPN Transistors: BC549, BC636, BC639, 2N2222 TO-92, 2N2222 TO-18, 2N2369, 2N3055, 2N3906, 2SC5200 . NPN silicon epitaxial planar transistor for switching and TO-92

_ Emi. ), IBL=50nA(Max.) + Low Leakage Current _ G 0.85 : ICEX=50nA(Max. Replacement and Equivalent: 2N2222, S8050, 2N4401, BC537, SS9013 (Pin configuration of some transistors may different from 2N3904 therefore check pin configuration before replacing in a circuit) 2N3904 Transistor Explained / Description: 2N3904 is a widely used general purpose transistor.


This transistor is low-cost, widely available and sufficiently robust to be of use by experimenters and electronics hobbyists. | TIP35AB 2N2222A is also an NPN transistor and is quite similar to 2N3904. 2N3904U EMITTER TO-92 Bipolar Transistors Junction Temperature T 150 3 : VCE(sat)=0.3V(Max. FEATURES

D 0.3+0.10/-0.05

Symbol Parameter Value Units Your local Maplin shop will sell one for around 49 pence. Collector-Base Voltage VCBO 60

It can be used as a switch to drive small loads up to 200 mA.

| S2530A Excellent DC Current Gain Linearity. | DK151G Electrically similar transistors in a TO-92 package: KN3904.

@IC=50mA, IB=5mA. ), IBL=50nA(Max.)

It is a 200 mA, 40 V, 625 mW transistor with a transition frequency of 300 MHz,[1] with a minimal beta, or current gain, of 100 at a collector current of 10 mA.

It can be used in televisions, we can use it in home appliances, can be used as a small load switch, it can also be used as an amplifier. TECHNICAL DATA EPITAXIAL PLANAR NPN TRANSISTOR | J6920 Excellent DC Current Gain Linearity. 2

The base-emitter saturation voltage range is 0.65 V minimum, and 0.95 V maximum. 2n3904 3.pdf Size:51K _philips … Detail Pins configuration of this transistor is given below. E + 2.10 0.20 Equivalent Transistor The 2N3904 has a maximum collector current rating of 200 mA and power dissipation of 625 mW. Collector–Emitter Voltage VCEO 40 Vdc 2N3903, 2N3904 General Purpose Transistors NPN Silicon Features ... Delay and Rise Time Equivalent Test Circuit Figure 2. Biasing current should maximum of 5mA more than 5mA will damage the Transistor so a resistor is always added in series with the base pin of the transistor. | Contact. It is often used in small signal preamplifiers, oscillators, and even radio circuits. : 1/5

| BU506A | TIP36AT

E 1.60 0.10

E COLLECTOR + NC=1.9876 | MOSFET | Absolute Maximum Ratings + FC=0.512134

2 , 2N38A | SMD CODE | VCEO Collector-Emi, 0.29. Page No. : VCE(sat)=0.3V(Max.) 200 mAdc General Purpose Transistor Device Marking Shipping * Collector-Emitter Voltage: VCEO=40V B C GENERAL PURPOSE APPLICATION.

ORDERING INFORMATION G 0.85 BD140 Transistor Pinout, Equivalent, Uses, Features & Applications, IRFZ44N Pinout, Equivalent, Features, Uses and Other Info, TIP127 Transistor Pinout, equivalent, Specs, Features and Other Details.

+ ISE=2.30771e-09 2N3904 transistor acts as an Open Switch during forwarding Bias and acts as a closed switch during Reverse Bias.

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