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advantages of horticultural subsistence

hoe and cutlass and to do farming and plantation according the traditional timing of the area.

Ploughing is done with the help of buffaloes, the fields are cleared up by hand, the paddy is planted thoroughly in specific rows by the women, reaping is done with sickles and separating is done by hand.

It is also known as a popularly ‘ monsoon type of agriculture’.

It is found in Korea, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, the greater part of continental South-East Asia. The farmer cultivates a small piece of land using simple impediments, kits and tools and more of physical labour. For this particular reason, it is easy for planters to become subsistence farmers. You might have a doubt. It is maintainable at lower population densities, but higher population loads require more numerous clearing which prevents soil productiveness from improving, opens up more of the forest canopy, and inspires scrub at the expenditure of large trees, eventually resulting in land erosion and deforestation.

The major source of labor are the kids and the immediate family members of the farmer.

Crop rotation is also practiced in some places and higher attention is given to the crops sown and the land. Hence, shifting cultivation is also known as ‘slash-and-burn agriculture’. The disadvantages are less product and reduced soil quality. There, the basic staple food is available for use, which includes such supplies as cassava, plantain, maize, coco yam etc.

You can also check the Types of Urban Gardening in India. Many countries like Japan, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, China, India, etc., have adopted a better system of agriculture. They also may irrigate part of such plots and fields if they are near a water resource.

The result of this form of agriculture is that more amount of food is produced per acre in comparison to other patterns of Subsistence Agriculture.

Cities are missing the greenery. Phosphates, nitrates and potash are the basic fertilizer applied includes which help to refillimportant plant nutrients in the soil. Subsistence farming is farming where there is little or no surplus for the farmer after he and his family are fed.

Decided to come back to farming, agriculture sector as a Farmer and Writer. The upward growing population, almost unrestricted for years together, imposes an ever greater intensity in the cultivation of the lands. (vi) Cultivation where there are comparatively shorter periods of crop occupancy alternate with comparatively longer periods of ploughing and when the produce can no longer support the families and community because of exhaustion of soil or the weeds and shrubs invasion, the fields are left and subsequently fresh areas are cleared, ‘Field rotation’ rather than ‘crop rotation’ is said to be practised.

To save space, these are kept very narrow. Generally, they rear sheep, goats, camels, cattle, and/or yaks for skin, meat, milk and wool.

The output production is mostly for limited local requirements with little or no extra trade. This is relatively for historical reasons as most shifting cultivators and farmers have been forced into less favorable areas by the extension of the more progressive farmers into the better, lower and plain lands.

Helps in putting a check on rural-urban movement: A number of people have lived in village for ages and depended on Subsistence Agriculture since then. Mr. Reddy was born in farmer's family and was into 'IT' profession where he was not happy with his activities. When the situation is most intensive, farmers or growers even create terraces along vertical hillsides to cultivate rice paddies. Most prevalent in countries like Japan, India and China. Hill slopes mostly give preference because of better drainage facility.

... Horticulture Training Center; Institutes In India. There is, hence, no need for government to use uncommon foreign resources to import them.

The people in that case do not want to relocate to cities and live in terrible conditions since they cannot afford suitable accommodation.

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