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beerus vs superman

Also that's not neither pre crisis or prime at all. Beerus is,not immune to reality warping just like Alien X vs Beerus was enough to prove it. Beerus and Whis realized this was the same planet they set foot on for when the deities met the annoying yet lovable Sayain's years ago. I've not seen one fair superman vs DBZ thread, which is sad because it could be done. Beerus tanked universe threatening punches from Goku, so I doubt his durability is lacking. Powers levels: * Beerus * * Never seen him destroy anything above a planet. Unless this is Superman Prime or Silver Age in which case Supes stomps. Superman would stomp Frieza or the Androids. It's the minds of Shazam AND Superman in that robot. We're using Wank debate logic, taking things that the character has never actually done and saying they can because of a loose connection~.

Kal shot into the sky, tracing the flow of the victim's voice.

It's not a nlf. Beerus stomps. unless its silver age.... EDIT: now that think about it goku got flicked by beerus in BOG then a flick from beerus blew up half a planet.. goku planety level durability # confirmed?

Superman needed help lifting an "Infinity" book with Shazam. The God of Destruction began feasting on his new Sushi meal he got from a strange scientist he killed a few hours ago. "Whis, how much longer will this boring flight take? Superman would get as ragdolled, just as ssj3 Goku did. In the new DBS super episode we see beerus destroying half a planet with a finger tap and appearing behind another planet in 4 second (mftl). He's not bloodlusted. Dafuq? A sound rattled against Kal's eardrum, unveiling that a local minor had been trying to escape his building from an overflow of Carbon Monoxide filling his apartment.

Beerus erasing Zamasu out of existence is not a feat on hakai but a feat on how much stronger Beerus was when compare to Zamasu who could only match SSj2 Goku which is practically fodder. @spidey_jackson: Id like to see why supes couldn't snap his neck zod style, or rip him in half doomsday style. The Man of Steel meets the God of Destruction! The God of Destruction yawned as both aliens hovered over the rather colorful city, looking for the "Man of Steel." You must log in or register to reply here. Clark was unsure of what to say, but after witnessing the supposive "gods" power display, he knew that the Daily Planet would have to wait. godo thing Superman is not a reality warper.

They have nowhere near the needed physicals to face him.

Whis was currently transporting Beerus across galaxies on a new mission, to find his newest challenger that is located yet again on Earth. At the sight of all the basic activity, the Destroyer got rather irritated that his opponent wasn't in sight, so in moments time he settled down to the planet so he could finish his lunch. https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/spacebattles-merchandise.398032/. and just freaking allow dbz vs comic fights, i mean are people scared of "flame" wars when all they are is a bunch of random dudes who care way to much about a character yelling at eachother. Okay. he announced, racing into the booth. Add photo This is episode four of Universe's adopted series.

Beerus could kill supes with a finger flick, and superman couldn't even hurt him, he was bashed through a planet three times the weight of the earth and the size of a city block and shrugged it off. Your ready for the best fight of your life, aren't you?"

If Beerus was bloodlusted and this was a random encounter he could win but both prep time and in character means he's getting haxed long before he takes the fight seriously ... DCEU Superman vs. MCU Hulk. "Just a few more seconds, Lord Beerus. Beerus blew up a planet with a freaking finger tap and blows up solar systems when he gets mad. Beerus clears (maybe even stomps) rounds 1 and 2. It depends on the supes we're talking of course, but I'm pretty sure he'd struggle to beat SSG let alone Beerus. beerus via finger tap. The stream of stars racing by was getting blinding, and knowing this man has destroyed a solar system by sneezing, this is something to definitely be eager and annoyed about. Bills sounds like your co-worker you don't like at the office cooler. Don't worry, he's going to keep making the same weak flimsy arguments to try to disprove of Beerus being universal.

Round 2: New 52 Superman vs. Savage Hulk. In fact, there's no flamewar in that thread, even though comic characters are involved. Along the landscape roamed young Clark Kent, sipping his morning Latte on his way to the Daily Bugle. Beerus vs Superman # Beerus Easily in the higher MFTL+ ranges. he personally nullified universal+ destruction. Because I know how these versus battles end up being bait for trollers and haters in the comment section, I'm gonna keep this answer as short as possible. Kal lowered onto the street, ready to speed away before a purple ray consumed the area, peeling away it's buildings like oranges.

In the new DBS super episode we see beerus destroying half a planet with a finger tap and appearing behind another planet in 4 second (mftl). Beerus is a God with a literal appetite, Superman has sometimes distributed Hostess snacks to stop the villain, so just get in touch with Bruce Wayne, Oliver Queen and Bulma to get the works (boxes of Fruit Pies, Ding Dongs, Twinkies, Ho His, etc). He groaned in boredom, accelerating after the speeding blur.


He forgot how the space-time continuum felt like, so his muscles started trembling slightly. I'd like to see an arguement made for Beerus even having to fight at 50%. Non blood lusted Superman still held a condensed black hole in his hand.

"Looks like this is a job for Superman!"

The God of Destruction was pleased by the Kryptonian's accomplishment, but not enough to prevent himself from revealing his plot. This is episode four of Universe's adopted series. The estate was a block away, so the farmboy sped up to spare some time to socialize with his friend Jimmy Olsen. This topic is locked from further discussion.

"Bills" sounds so much better than "Beerus".

He should at the very least, be ludicrously high into the quadrillions of times lightspeed, but quintillions and sextillions would be a … The duo gazed about upon the milky way, revealing their newest location: Metropolis, Earth. Beerus stomps, he oneshoted Goku and Vegeta. It's not that scary and also i want to make a Beerus vs MMH thread no TP. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

In a blink of an eye, the normal Kansas boy wrapped in millions of vortexes, warping himself into Superman! So either way its a stomp.

I still see no Universe destroyed by Beerus, Also because by DB "debate" logic if Thought Robot can achieve this while consisting of the Positive energy of Superman then so should Superman himself. "Hello alien, I am here to.. well.. beat you since I want to be the god of this universe, yada yada, so prepare to meet your match."

asked Beerus's loyal steed. One measly Ki blast would one shot Supes. DBX Fanon Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community. I see way more shitposting in any Flash Vs thread. Odin alone could solo with prep. https://dbxfanon.fandom.com/wiki/Beerus_vs_Superman?oldid=180166. They didn't even succeed in lifting the damn thing. When these two beings of god-like powers collide, only one shall triumph, and one shall die! Click me to find out about our funding drive. The Man of Steel meets the God of Destruction! © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. NO RULES! Round 1: Beerus vs. original movieverse Superman (no time travel) Round 2: Beerus vs. new-52 Superman Round 3: Beerus vs. post-crisis Superman Round 4: Beerus vs. pre-crisis Superman Round 5: Beerus vs. Superman Prime Battle takes place on an uninhabited Earth.

its not that scary and also i want to make a beerus vs mmh thread no TP, And just freaking allow DBZ vs comic fights, i mean are people scared of "flame" wars when all they are is a bunch of random dudes who care way to much about a character yelling at eachother.

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