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can i give my cat too much milk thistle

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The reason I purchased it, and am hoping this will work well for what I wanted it for.

while it is possible to give too much, it would have to be an exceptionally high dose. Nutramax Denamarin Tablets for Cats and Small Dogs up to 12 pounds cost $26 for a 30 count box and $25 for auto-ship Tablets for Medium Dogs from 13 to 34 pounds cost $37 and $35 for auto-ship. That would equal 220 mg of the other brand’s extract because there is a 5:1 extract to whole ground seed ratio. Milk thistle can be placed in food, and Denamarin tables can be hidden in a small bit of food. You must also double-check information regarding dosage and weight. imaginable degree, area of Milk Thistle is a powerful herb that’s been used by humans for thousands of years.

Read customer and expert reviews of any medication or supplement brand as well before using a particular treatment plan. Silybin is also referred to as Silybum or Silymarin. {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}} lessons

A common herbal supplement used in alternative medicine is milk thistle, a type of plant (officially named Silybum marianum) that has been used for thousands of years as an herbal treatment for various types of medical conditions. The science is not conclusive, but there is evidence that milk thistle can potentially minimize liver failure in your dog or cat, as well as act as a liver detoxifier. Denamarin and milk thistle are available from Chewy.com and other online pet outlets.

Over-the-counter medications have become the norm but because his symptoms are so bad he’s prescribed corticosteroids too. Most milk thistle supplements contain 80 percent silymarin. Is it possible to give dogs too much milk thistle? There is approximately 3% silymarin (based on the dry weight of the product) per 1/4 tsp. I so afraid I’m going to lose her or I’ll have to make that decision because she is suffering so much. So, take 550 mg and multiply by .03 (the amount of our active ingredient, silymarin), There would be about 16mg to 17mg of silymarin in each ¼. The following chart details specific dosage recommendations based on the ailment or medical condition milk thistle is being used to treat. My 9 yo dachshund baby girl suddenly started to be very shaky (walking, etc)) Went to vet. Still, your veterinarian may be able to prescribe liquid drops you put in your pet’s food or chewables. Cushings Disease Super Support and Nutritional Balance Kit, Clinical Science and Scientific Advancement of Pet Health, Antioxidant properties may benefit as anti-cancer support, Glycerin-based and safe for long-term use, For dogs undergoing chemotherapy, helps detoxify the body, 100% natural, organic milk thistle seed extract.

She is on kennel rest.

Study.com has thousands of articles about every Some are health related while others are related to the heavy usage of milk thistle. You are a stellar pet parent!

I trusted it would be ok for my dogs. Shelf life after opening is 6 months and must be refrigerated after opening. Potential side effects of milk thistle include: As it has not been fully studied, it is not known with certainty what to expect with a milk thistle overdose. Copyright© 2020 NHV Natural Pet. Dogs and cats have no problem taking these products, provided you give them the right dose per your vet’s instructions. Chewables and tablets, such as Nutramax’s Denamarin, may be appropriate for your pet. If you do decide to give your pet a milk thistle supplement, don’t give him anything new to eat or drink a week before introducing the supplement. It’s a win-win for Steve! Both have comparable amounts of active ingredient.

All information provided by NHV Natural Pet Products is for educational purposes only. Denamarin is based on weight and usually given to full grown dogs based on that information. Milk thistle can be combined with other herbs. Milk Thistle safety can vary wildly between manufacturers, so it’s important that you consult your vet and only get your milk thistle products from reputable dealers. just create an account.

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