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dreamcast platform games

The game did eventually make it to a PlayStation platform as Code: Veronica X for PS2, but Dreamcast series fans got a huge head start on this excellent entry back in 2000. With Electronic Arts’ NBA Live series enjoying unchallenged supremacy in the field of virtual hoops for some time, Sega’s challenger - developed by 2K mainstay Visual Concepts - had a lot to prove. Blading around the three areas of the city, you'll spray paint tags all over buses and walls while evading the cops, all as a fantastically diverse soundtrack blares in the backdrop. What this pioneering entry did that previous tennis titles couldn't was make it not only easy to hop in and take a swing, but also make it an absolute blast, whether playing solo or with/against a friend. Visual Concepts' NFL 2K series helped push video game football toward a more modern, broadcast-style approach while also holding its own against Madden - and NFL 2K2 was its Dreamcast swan song before expanding to other platforms.

It's that pure arcade essence that makes the original Virtua Tennis such a wonderful game and although its first sequel is also on Dreamcast and just as appealing, nothing can match the purity of this first iteration. Building off of the success of the Saturn and PSOne original, the sequel featured a turn-based system that let you move around a bit during battle, while the fantastic visuals and presentation made good use of the system's hardware. But even without that, the standard one-on-one versus game would still top our list. Please refresh the page and try again. Grandia 2 was hailed as a champ upon its initial Dreamcast release in 2000, serving up one of the top single-player RPG experiences on the platform. And you can’t (or shouldn’t) talk about the Dreamcast without talking about this lovingly realized simulation of high-tech Old Uncle sports.

While essentially an enhanced port of a six-month-old PlayStation game, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver made a strong impact on Dreamcast gamers, thanks to hugely improved visuals found on top of the same fantastic original release. 12. The immersive world design makes it a difficult game to put down, but while a sequel was released on Dreamcast and Xbox (only the latter reached the States), a true ending to the series remains, for now, unresolved. Gameplay in the series revolves around you boosting by picking up capsules littered throughout the levels. You run and jump through the long, winding 3D stages, ride animals, and do the occasional 2D platforming section. Receive news and offers from our other brands? Read more: The best Sega Saturn games of all time. It really is as bizarre as it sounds, but that's a large part of its appeal--the game even features a cameo from Michael Jackson, who holds a larger part in sequel Space Channel 5: Part 2. It's hard to imagine a fighting game today making the kind of impact of Soulcalibur, but Namco's Dreamcast launch title was boldly revolutionary, completely raising the bar for how a 3D console fighter could look and play. But as the visual impact begins to fade with time (though not much, it has to be said) the weapons-based combat remains exemplary, striking a remarkable balance between accessibility and depth. But it's still worth seeking out on Dreamcast to see what the console can do in Treasure's incredibly capable hands. True fact. By the time inferior ports were released for PlayStation 2 and PC, it had been greatly overshadowed by Final Fantasy 10 and other cinematic genre heavyweights. Much like some of the other Capcom gems, you could score Cannon Spike for $50 or less before 2014, but has climbed aggressively in value since then. There weren't many good Football games on the Dreamcast, but this one is pretty respectable. Still, occasional madness aside, this is the best Daytona USA game that isn't the HD remake of the arcade original. That event kicks off a lengthy and deliberate tale of revenge across the open-world setting, with the adventure filled with hand-to-hand fights, quick-time events, and plenty of time spent gathering clues as you explore the environments. We aim to represent the best of all genre's, we try to limit the number of sequels included to allow more underrated games to shine, and also tend to avoid games that have been ported from earlier systems that don't use the hardware to its full potential. But it’s this sequel, released just a year later by Activision/Neversoft, that is commonly regarded as the series’ high point. Thanks to its deceptively deep control scheme and high-score replayability, it's still  a vibrant and exciting play experience today, many years after its iconic Tower Records storefronts faded to the wind. After 15 years in the console game, the launch of the Dreamcast in 1998 (in Japan) was to be the last major act from the home of Sonic. The Dreamcast is home to some of Sega's most daring and beloved franchise attempts, and Space Channel 5 is an absolutely prime example.

With the announcement of Sega Forever - an initiative to bring Sega's classic games to mobile, for free - there's never been a better time to check out the console's line-up. Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more! There was a problem. Boasting fast, smooth play - crucially even during pitched match-ups - and an easily accessible online mode, the Dreamcast version of Quake 3 is the one that many superfans remember most fondly. The graphics and art design are nice and the game is quite funny, there's a lot of instant deaths but you can save at any time so save often. Shame, because the Dreamcast was actually one of Sega's best ever consoles, and a pioneer of modern features - like online play - that are now an integral part of any gaming machine. Read more: Shenmue 3 - everything we know.

The survival horror genre is very well represented on Dreamcast, in fact so well represented is it that I had to spend some time trying to work out which games I wanted to make the list and which I just. Samba De Amigo Avoid the earlier non "Euro Edition" version as its noticeably inferior.

A good version of the 4-player remote-controlled racer from the PC. The main thing which sets this game apart is its magnetism mechanic. At the time, it was nothing short of revolutionary. Get the best deals on Platformer Video Games for Sega Dreamcast and expand your gaming library with the largest online selection at eBay.com. While playable solo, Phantasy Star Online really comes alive when you pair up with three online pals, empowering teams to conquer common foes and massive bosses in search of loot and improved levels and gear. Starting the list we have this hack n' slash brawler based on the violent Manga by Kentaro Miura.

Thankfully, Sony is now part-funding a third instalment in the series, due out, um, maybe some time this decade.

You will receive a verification email shortly. This was an exclusive game made for Dreamcast in Midway's "Thunder" series of racers. What makes Ikaruga such a defining genre entry is its unique focus on bullet polarity, in which you need to swap weapons to take out certain enemies, while risking your own tail in the process. The original’s varied, trick-centric gameplay sees an overhaul here with a greater breadth of moves, areas, and characters, as well as a comprehensive skater-creator mode. No other Dreamcast game is as technically impressive as this. The games also have a lot of emphasis on learning the best routes and shortcuts. The gameplay here is fairly simple, but good, it would've strongly benefited from a co-op mode but unfortunately there isn't one. Like all Capcom fighters the game is well constructed, has excellent art design and graphics, and the stand gauge manages to add a little variety to the gameplay. The mini-games are just as enjoyable as the main game itself, offering silly challenges with bowling pins and targets to hit as you level up your character in order to progress through a World Tour. The game is quite short, having a lot of emphasis on storyline and cut scenes (which are written by the Manga author himself).

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