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In recognition of her dedication to the continuing success of the WEDO, Mariam Said received an honorary doctorate from the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2014. Orientalism proposed that much Western study of Islamic civilization was political intellectualism, meant for the self-affirmation of European identity, rather than objective academic study; thus, the academic field of Oriental studies functioned as a practical method of cultural discrimination and imperialist domination—that is to say, the Western Orientalist knows more about the Orient than do the Orientals.[42][44]. Mariam C. Said was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. [88] Nonetheless, in the U.S., despite a political fracas by right-wing students at Columbia University and the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith International (Sons of the Covenant), the university provost published a five-page letter defending Prof. Said's action as an academic's freedom of expression: "To my knowledge, the stone was directed at no-one; no law was broken; no indictment was made; no criminal or civil action has been taken against Professor Saïd."[89].


Nevertheless, Said endured political repercussions, such as the cancellation of an invitation to give a lecture to the Freud Society, in Austria, in February 2001.

[74], In 1967, consequent to the Six-Day War (5–10 June 1967) the academic Edward Said became a public intellectual when he acted politically to counter the stereotyped misrepresentations (factual, historical, cultural) with which the U.S. news media explained the Arab–Israeli wars; reportage divorced from the historical realities of the Middle East, in general, and Palestine and Israel, in particular.

In 1919, in partnership with a cousin, Wadie Said established a stationery business in Cairo. In addition to preserving Edwardnote-139’s literary works and continuing the work of various organisations that he either established or took part in – something she wryly describes as akin to the folio management work she did as a former banker – in 2009, Mariam published the English version of A World I Loved: The Story of an Arab Woman, the memoir of her mother, Wadad Makdisi Cortas.

Music is the link that could carry us one step further.”, While her life is fulfilling, Mariam explains that, In 2003, her husband was being treated for a rare strand of, to spend more time with him. It was only when thenote-107 pair ran into each other again two years later, at another ­family engagementnote-108, this time in Beirut, that they note-109struck up a note-110friendship that lenote-111d to note-112their marriage in 1970.

Educated in the Western canon at British and American schools, Said applied his education and bi-cultural perspective to illuminating the gaps of cultural and political understanding between the Western world and the Eastern world, especially about the Israeli–Palestinian conflict in the Middle East; his principal influences were Antonio Gramsci, Frantz Fanon, Aimé Césaire, Michel Foucault, and Theodor Adorno. "[55], Lewis responded with a harsh critique of Orientalism accusing Said of politicizing the scientific study of the Middle East (and Arabic studies in particular); neglecting to critique the scholarly findings of the Orientalists; and giving "free rein" to his biases. ", "The World That Mariam Said Loved.

Said's first published book, Joseph Conrad and the Fiction of Autobiography (1966), was an expansion of the doctoral dissertation he presented to earn the PhD degree. It’s tempting to note-88describe Mariam as simply the protector of her husband’s legacy, which is one of inclusion and education through the arts, but that would be unfair. The 1950s were fertile ground for debate. Said's founding of the group, as well as his other international political activities concerning Palestine, were noticed by the U.S. government; in 2006, the anthropologist David Price obtained 147 pages of the 283-page political dossier that the FBI had compiled on Said, begun in 1971, four years into his career as a public intellectual active in U.S.

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