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fake 10 oz engelhard silver bars

DISCLAIMER: The information represented on this website is based on continually developing data sourced through collectors, online sale platforms and industry resources. One example reportedly sold in April, 2013 for $2,000.00. Similar to our example above, though demonstrates a ‘0’ serial prefix. It sucks I was really happy purchasing my 1st 2 10 oz silver bars.

Ingot 15407 sold privately on March 15, 2017 for $3,350.00.

1st series 10oz example in Canadian commercial bar variation. [FINE SILVER] [.999+], 11th series ‘P’ serial prefix in Gold Standard counterstamped variation. There may be duplicate serial numbers [but not of the same design] due to the Eagle/Flag logo production ‘rolling over’. Further, Engelhard could not have designated a ‘P’ prefix in anticipation of the ‘C’ prefix series as advancement of their production technology was likely not foreseeable when they designated the ‘P’ prefix. 5th series in standard production 5-digit serial variation. Last ... As for fake bars of silver being sold out of China, nothing new there. Unique prototype production ingot. This page contains our current information on 10oz class Engelhard silver production bars and Legacy Ingots. As with the smaller weight class Legacy Ingots, Engelhard 10oz ingot lineage witnessed many variations through early production years.

It appears that production was split about equally between the two variations of leading ‘1’ serial number fonts. May be die struck, loaf or other pour style. These ingots are a unique counterstamp variation as the serial number, weight class and purity stampings were placed on the reverse of the bar. See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

3rd series 10oz example in Canadian variation. We believe this is a transitional variety to the 2nd series ingots. P001324 sold via eBay auction for $1,035.01 and. Silver basically costs the same in every country in the world, why people believe they are giving it away in China is unknown to me.

It is possible that, in some cases, two variety were produced simultaneously. Be wary of multiple proof Engelhard Prospectors sold together. C $354.00. https://pcgs.com/SetRegistry/gold/liberty-head-2-1-gold-major-sets/liberty-head-2-1-gold-major-varieties-circulation-strikes-1840-1907/publishedset/39796, http://www.ebay.com/itm/United-States-Silver-Dollar-Standing-Liberty-1-ounce-Fine-SIlver-999-NEW-Coin-/330903916711?pt=Bullion_US&hash=item4d0b6910a7, http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/everyone-interference.html, ebay's simple report form specifically for coins, enter up to 10 items numbers on one report. OZ].

11th series example that Engelhard employees could commission to be made with their initials incorporated into the serial number. 10oz ingot in Australian variation, produced at the Engelhard refinery in Thomastown, Australia.

The real bar has a rounded dot in '.999', whereas on the fake it is square. The stamping force altered the production line surface area in such a way that the hex-screw head pattern also began leaving an impression. "Bongo drive 1984 Lincoln that looks like old coin dug from ground.". In-hand study confirms earlier numbers in this variation have casting match to its ‘Engelhard’ 5th series ingot with flat top, while later numbers have pillow top appearance. 3rd series 10oz ingot in Canadian variation.

I guess it's their way of saying let us handle it...but therein lays the problem. CU | The polishing process resulted in slight altercation of weight class on this example. 7th series in ‘P’ serial prefix variation, these examples demonstrate tapered leading edges [side slanting inward from top to bottom] so that the top has more surface area than the bottom. 100 Ounce Silver Bars See our page on lead-filled 100 ounce silver bars for the full details and pictures. Most Engelhard 10oz class silver bars have serial numbers. Interesting to note the reversal of obverse and reverse on this variety. However, it is important to note that there were exceptions found during our studies. It is important to note that ‘MFR’ is not a serial number suffix as some collectors may claim. We believe this was caused by an inadvertent stamping of the production line surface when a bar was not present.

3rd series in 6-digit serial variation with a letter ‘Y’ leading prefix. 1st series standard commercial bar in exceedingly rare ‘WC’ serial prefix. First, try the magnet test. 2nd series in 5-digit serial and stamp placement variations. Additional information regarding the Scotiabank counterstamp may be found at this, [Maple Leaf Hallmark] [Assayers & Refiners] [10 TROY OUNCES] [FINE SILVER 999 in Square] [Serial Number in Bull Logo Frosted Rectangle]. 2nd series standard commercial bar in C-Series and occasional D-Series variation, circa 1985.

While I'm sure there are a handful of common fakes i've left out, that doesn't mean you should avoid these companies because then you would be missing out on some great products. 3rd series ingot in Canadian variation. We estimate partial ‘X’ ‘8’ error stamp variety mintage at <250. Only variety with smaller trailing zeros in weight stamp, transitional piece in eliminating trailing zeros altogether, last example without T.OZ or TR. Differences include font thickness on obverse and reverse hallmark logos as well as the ‘+’ font found on ‘999+’. Our commentary column includes general information observed on the majority of pieces studied. View cart for details. The real one has a longer vertical line in the '+', whereas the fake has a longer horizontal line. 10th series in ‘P’ serial prefix variation, last variety in truly old-poured form. Bar P430535 sold via eBay auction on April 2, 2018 for $895.00 BIN. Collectors.com |

Analysis indicates these were produced in five specific serial runs of 36xxx, 48xxx, 55xxx, 59xxx and 65xxx and have estimated mintage of approximately 50 examples on each run. 5th series in standard production 5-digit serial variation with an inverted.

Similar to our 1st ‘A’ and ‘B’ series examples, above, but demonstrates exceedingly rare reverse placement of purity and weight class stamping anomaly. Hallmark in Elongated Octagon, repeated 4 full times. However, it is important to note that there were exceptions found during our studies.

1st series ingot. This variety demonstrates a ‘^’ over-stamp to the left of serial number.

Reportedly, these bars were produced in very limited quantity as gifts for the board of directors.

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