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finnish meringue cake

Thank you for sharing! Love your recipes! Such a wonderful combination. Let meringues dry overnight. Made it two times in a week already. yuminesss thank you for the recipe!!!

Let me know how they will turn out Oksana :). Thank you Ana :), cookies do taste really good. Use a rubber spatula, or a cake decorator's metal offset spatula, to fill in and even out rectangles.

Thanks Natasha but I have already made these for our exchange, maybe not exactly the same ones but very similar. (Unscented kind) I only use dental floss when making these cookies and for cinnamon rolls also, learned this trick back in high school when I took cooking classes. I added vanilla sugar like it said in the recipe, and something happened and it lost its consistency. It’s popular in Sweden and Finland, and it’s one of my favorites.

:P It looks so yummy can’t wait to try it out! on the meringue cake, am I to understand to bake at 200 for an hour and then for another 4 to 6 hours at 175? Also, next time try putting the parchment paper over the surface that is less slick, such as cutting board. I followed step by step instructions. I’m trying your meringue cake today and I couldn’t get the meringue consistency right, it didn’t quite get fluffy like yours instead it was runny. I’m looking at all your recipes! . I call them “breakfast rouses”. but they are delishes. You’d be taking a risk.

https://finnishfoodgirl.com/2013/08/finnish-berry-cake-recipe This Scandinavian dessert/cake is amazing. Thanks a lot for this recipe. Im so happy to discover your blog!!! Divide meringue in half, spooning two or three mounds down each traced rectangle. Want to try making these soon. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. So delicate and perfect amount of sweetness. So organic items aren’t as organic as some may think. Set the parchment paper on a 12×18 inch baking pan/sheet.. Now where to find potato flower. Thank you . my husband and I really enjoyed it . You also can not have even one drop of water in the mixture and all your tools have to be completely dry. Worked great! We put strawberry slices in with each layer. Hi Pati is the oven temp is Celsius or Fahrenheit? In the US, 1 stick is 1/2 cup or 113 grams of butter. Resep Britakakku (meringue sponge cake) Finnish cake.

Thank you for the nice review Tanya and you are welcome :). Use the parchment paper as leverage to help you roll the log. Just made these cookies they turned out really yummy, but I can taste baking soda too much. So – this cake is supposed to have a hard meringue layers, but since I couldn’t get it right, I just spread the mixture on the cake regardless and put it in oven. just to be clear how many grams or butter are you talking about? The meringue is so much fluffier and baked much better when I used the kitchen aid.

Thanks for sharing your tip! They should be mostly crisp. I tried so long and hard to make these egg whites stiffen. I think you can also use corn starch instead of potato flower. I tried to make mine prettier and more rose-like by making a second batch the next day, but don’t know if I really accomplished my goal. oh Natasha!! I’m glad you enjoyed the cookies .

We are posting a video tutorial for this tomorrow! You rock. We are meeting soon but then everyone usually freezes the cookies until we need them at Christmas for all of our various entertaining events. Set aside. Here you'll find delicious, trusted recipes with easy step-by-step photos and videos. The second attempt I sifted the flour and baking soda right after the buttercream, then I added the yolks and sour cream and the dough was PERFECT and easy to roll out. 3. Mine have never tasted like baking soda. These look delightful! I’ve made them multiple times and they are always a big hit!

Kids approved. Hi Natasha,

I’ve made these several times and they are simply amazing! That’s awesome Val! I can say with confidence that these cookies came out absolutely delicious! They are delicious! Will try with vinegar as well. I followed your recipe to the T and I could smell the soda in the cookie before even taking the first bite! How long and how to you keep them? i dont have any on hand and was wondering if it will make a difference, They won’t rise as well without the baking soda. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hello Natasha, Tip #2: try not to leave the door open for too long when removing one cookie to check for donneness, as this can deflate the meringue and ruin it.

You just have to go for it when cutting this cake! There are a few types of meringue and each can be used in different ways with great success when cake … They were a hit with my husband and son. Vika said you could even throw everything in the mixer and let it work itself out. I haven’t tried dental floss but it might work!! hi Natasha, what brand do you buy for parchment paper? In order to get a better spiral shape, just take the roll (before cutting it), put it in the freezer for 20 minutes and then cut with sharp knife carefully. Do you know if that helps. Thank you again Pati! Spread with half the cream and sprinkle on half the berries. Thank you thank you thank you!!! Would it turn out pretty much the same? Learn how your comment data is processed. The sour cream in the recipe helps to activate the soda, but you might try mixing the soda with a teaspoon of vinegar then stir it into the sour cream and add it to the mixture that way. Add the vanilla and continue to beat until stiff peaks form. Slice the cookie log into 1/2″ rounds and arrange them on the parchment paper. Awww that’s the best! I could look at him all day haha. I think it’s worth a test if you are tasting the baking soda.

Your mouth will rejoice! No more than two hours before serving, whip cream to soft peaks, beating in remaining sugar and the vanilla. The cookies are awesome too though. About my tops, I don’t shop in just one particular place, I get them as I travel mainly in Mexico , Hello Patti. Not just sisu, hygge or lagom – all of them: Skimbaco. Pake ukuran gelas takar 100ml (1 DL (desiliter) ) Bahan A : Kocok butter dan gula dengan menggunakan … I want to make this cake. Did you sift it together with the flour? Skimbaco Lifestyle was founded in 2007 by Katja Presnal to inspire you to live life to the fullest – the Nordic way. I sincerely wish you lived next door and I could just “happen” over when you’re spooning things like this out. I don’t have that recipe and it’s a little bit of a different cookie. My mom made it but she could never give me an exact recipe. I hope you love the cookies! Thank you. So I think these will be a great hit at my home. These Cookies are Really Easy! So thanks again!!! POR FAVOR NO DICE EN LA RECETA CUANTO TIEMPO EN EL HORNO TIENE QUE ESTAR CUANDO LA TEMP. And how would you reccommend storing them? These are very delicious and addicting;) I was wondering of the picture that you have with them cut on the baking sheet is 2 recipes or just one? Sure! Mix the whipped cream filling with the rhubarb filling carefully. Thanks for sharing . To make these Finnish merengue cookies even more festive for the holiday, put a few drops of red food coloring and crunch up some peppermint candy canes and fold into the merengue before spreading, they are very tasty! Would it be okay to use dental floss to cut them neatly? You won’t miss a thing!

[…]. Do you have a good recipe you use? I finally got a chance to make these cookies, and ill admit they didn’t look as perfect as yours do, but they were delicious . My friend introduced me to this recipe and it’s One of my favorite cookies out there. They just turn out to be so good, i can probably eat them all by myself!!! You are welcome Anna, I’m glad you liked it :).

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