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galatians 6 summary

But all of this good impression outwardly may conceal proud, unrepentant hearts.

But he would often personally write a short portion at the end, both to authenticate the letter and to add a personal touch.i. Freedom to Fulfill Responsibilities. The world is characterized by prideful boasting about national identity, social status and religious practices. Some teachers in our churches have also been so totally preoccupied by the "circumcision" or "cutting away" of certain external practices (smoking, drinking and dancing) that they seem relatively unconcerned with inward change. These marks demonstrated his unswerving loyalty to the gospel of Christ. Verses 6-10 are a great reminder that depending on faith in Christ for salvation doesn't mean we should avoid doing good things or obeying God's commandments. View Galatians 6:11-18 Summary and Benedictions Careful studies of thousands of letters written in Paul's day have led to the discovery that most of the letters exhibit two styles of handwriting: a refined style of a trained secretary in the body of the letter and a … But in the context of his letter to the Galatian believers, it appears that Paul is using Israel of God as a title for the Galatian believers. And all who have experienced the gospel work for peace with others by expressing the same compassion that they have received from God through Christ. Because of this infirmity, Paul used a scribe (also known as an amanuensis) to record his letters as he dictated them. This interpretation is often defended on the basis of Paul's clear expression of compassion and hope for Israel in Romans 9--11. It makes more sense to suppose that Paul wrote his conclusion in large letters because he wanted to emphasize to the Galatian congregations the importance of the main points of the letter in his concluding summary.

Now Paul proclaims that all those who follow the gospel are the true Israel of God.The Authority of Paul (6:17), After the benediction on all believers, Paul adds a warning directed against those who have been causing trouble in the churches. In other words, they interpret Paul as pronouncing a benediction both on those who believe in and live by the gospel and on the Jewish people. For then it would be obvious that what really mattered to them was not their belief in a crucified Messiah, but identification with the Jewish nation. The gospel is the rule for Paul's life; it determines both the spiritual and the social dimensions of his life. In contrast to the prideful boasting of the false teachers, Paul quickly reaffirms his own commitment to the cross of Christ (v. 14) and the new creation in Christ (v. 15). "Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such a one in the spirit of … The large letters were proof of this since the Galatians knew of his problematic eyes. The only path for the forgiveness of our sins is accepting the gift of salvation offered to us by Jesus Christ, which requires faith.

Paul's character sketch of the false teachers in these two verses is the clearest picture we have of them in the entire letter. This is a great summary of the entire book, as Paul once again refutes the legalistic idea that we can work our way into a relationship with God. Other examples of this kind of postscript are 1 Corinthians 16:21-24 (The salutation with my own hand – Paul) and Colossians 4:18 (This salutation by my own hand – Paul).

This absolute renunciation of all prideful boasting because of total identification with the crucified Messiah is the aspiration of every true believer. Paul also includes an addition to the "one another's" here. What an impressive church!

Justified by Faith or Law? Having rejected the Old Testament law as a means of salvation, he did encourage the Galatians to "fulfill the law of Christ" by carrying one another's burdens. 12-13), and then restates his own position, the way of the cross (vv. 14-15). We have a new relationship with one another: we are no longer imprisoned and divided by racial, social or gender barriers; we are now free and one in Christ (3:28). Here he emphasizes the need for Christians to carry each other's burdens and support one another even as we work through disobedience and sin. Take a look at Galatians 6 here, and then we'll dig in.

Intro to Galatians: How to Be Free From the Burden of the Law, Overview: the Epistles of the New Testament, Scripture Readings for the Fifth Week of Lent, Scripture Readings for the Third Week of Lent, M.A., Christian Studies, Union University, B.A., English Literature, Wheaton College. The second motive Paul detects in the false teachers is their concern for their own personal safety: The only reason they do this is to avoid being persecuted for the cross of Christ (v. 12).

No longer does he relate to God or to others on the basis of his Jewish identity, but on the basis of his union with Christ in his death and resurrection.The Benediction of Peace (6:16).

Paul concluded his letter by again summarizing his major argument: neither circumcision nor obedience to the law have any chance to connect us with God. Careful studies of thousands of letters written in Paul's day have led to the discovery that most of the letters exhibit two styles of handwriting: a refined style of a trained secretary in the body of the letter and a more casual style of the author in the conclusion. The opposite is true -- actions that are grounded in the flesh will produce the "works of the flesh" described in chapter 5, while a life lived in the power of the Spirit will produce an abundance of good works. Only faith in the death and resurrection can save us.

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