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the cannabis community. 2019-02-22 Danna Rakestraw © 2020, Support the Roots Powered by Zero Six Media. Tim Alchimia Honestly, I've never had much of an issue with consuming hash with a greenish tinge, the flavour and effect were just great! As far as yields go, and I can only speak about ice water hash extraction, and it's mostly down to genetics, I've definitely washed plants that gave better returns as dried material than fresh-frozen, as well as vice-versa. Ice Water Hash, Or Dry Sift? In the episode, he stated, “The only true evolution since we invented sieving, is the use of water.” All the best and happy hashing! 2018-11-14 This is the official blog of Alchimia Grow Shop. Hello Tim, Here's how to make it. Since we are using water…things tend to get..well, pretty wet. This thread is archived. 2020-10-06 Can you tell me why my hash would be so sticky that I can't get it off the bubble bag screen? Hi Codyrower420, thanks for the question. As a personal preference, in the majority of cases, these particular hash makers prefer to work with dried, uncured flowers, but occasionally, with certain, special plants, we’ve found that fresh-frozen material can deliver spectacular results both in quality and weight, but it depends on certain factors. This is why dispensaries have now started to rate hash using a grading system. All the best of luck with your experiment, please be sure to share any interesting results with use here. Various types of quality and sizes of filter bags are available for making hash, but for this project we used a 5-bag set of Pure Extract Bags to filter the water and separate the vegetable matter (220) and the different sizes of trichome heads by micron size from (160>120>73>25). We get a lot of questions from the Sasquad about which is better for pressing? Should I press buds, bubble hash, or dry sift. Bubble bags you can use anything, dry or fresh but it's worth freezing first so the crystals are already frozen when you start the process. As you say, it's the best way to get those trichomes on the interior of the flowers to easily fall off in the wash. But this isn’t to say you couldn't use it for edibles or some twaxing decoration for your joints, although some might say the latter two are a waste of good hash. In the top hash-producing regions such as Afghanistan and Morocco, it is a technique that has been used since ancient times. That's correct. One group feels the dry-ice hash is the only way to go because bubble hash can be time consuming and doesn’t always get great yields. Open the sifter box and remove the screen with the now depleted weed on it. personally i would do both cuz i like variation. Bubble hash is seen throughout the world as some of the purest and finest available, and the great thing is, it is not particularly complicated to make! And yes, with the fresh-frozen material 23% of the trichomes collected were from the 25 micron bag. 2019-01-30 with tumblers they have now it might be faster than a flat screen. Ive watched all YT videos in the world so ill be comfortable doing it. Tim Alchimia If there are larger heads, have you ever seen any dry sifted? Question; Do the trichomes shrivel in size when dryied Yes, the measurements are all in grams and the weights given for the dried buds I washed are pre-hydration, ie. The fresh-frozen approach can also be useful if you don’t have sufficient time or space to hang and dry your plants. Thanks. I would recommend washing the material as it is, and then drying the resulting hash in the freeze dryer for the best results. I aim to press it all into disk pucks with that T bar pollen press but Id be lying if I said I don't want to press it into a bar, dependant on how much I get. 13 comments. 2019-06-01 I have a full term hermaphrodite that is covered in trichomes and seed pods , can I make ice hash with this stuff ? Washing whole or large buds just won't get you the optimal return, and you'll have to wash more vigorously in an attempt to break the resin heads off, which in turn would probably lead to more chlorophyll in the water. By using FREEZING cold water, this allows for the flower to have a more gentle extraction process leaving behind the plant material, all while preserving the quality of the Trichomes by allowing for lower agitation levels of the Trichs. Keeps the mess contained in the bath, and the shower head helps rinse everything down at each stage. If the material is dry already then the lyophilisation process would only serve to draw off more of the terpenes and may end up over-drying the material, which would mean it may crumble and break down more easily when washed, which would leave a whole load of plant matter contamination in your hash. Tony E. Tim Alchimia

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