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how to make iodine crystals from povidone iodine

Add 96-98 % ethanol (or methanol, but it is toxic) to make saturated solution of iodine. Some items may require shopping online. Most of this you will be able to find at a hardware store. Calculate the diameter of the iniside walls of the condenser and cut a piece of the testube cork with a diameter slightly bigger than the walls. Prepare for the procedure. Put filter paper or something on top of the beaker/container and. Decant as much solution as possible, filter it with plastic or glass filter, wash withdistilled water and leave it to dry. How to Make Iodine (Method 3) Household Materials - YouTube Be sure to wear your safety gear at all times. Continue Reading. Be sure to have everything together and set out before beginning. 1)a testube cork (rubber) 2) a thin stick longer than the condenser. In the Things You'll Need section you will find a list of necessary items and equipment. Then spike the rubber piece to the long stick. Thats gonna be perfect to push out the iodine.

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