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role of agriculture in economic development of pakistan

Agriculture plays a very vital role for economy of Pakistan and its development. Dietary fats are essential to give energy and support cell growth to the human body.

In economic development textile industries plays very important role. With utilizing these credits farmers can produce more and more crops. Pakistan is an agriculture based country meaning that Pakistan’s economy heavily depends on the agriculture yields. As for impact of credit on production efficiency the results are same like development efficiency there is a positive relationship between credit and production efficiency but not so significant enough the reasons can be amount disbursed in these years(year variable removed from our model due to that reason) 1990-2007 doesn’t vary too much according to needs and the policy for the development loans is not much efficient but it is still significant also loan type is not significant means that loans disbursed for different purposes like tractors, water logging, land leveling etc. The Stage I Project has evolved from numerous investigations and studies initiated in the mid-1960s and refined thereafter. Low fertilizer applications, traditional farming practices, limited extension services, mountainous terrain, and a smaller share of irrigated land explain the slower pace of agricultural development in these two provinces.

A 1981 study found the water table to be within about three meters of the surface in more than one-half the cropped area in Sindh and more than one-third the area in Punjab. In this behalf agriculture is the only the major sector which is the meeting the increasing requirement of food. Agriculture is the major source of food of huge population of Pakistan. The farmers borrow the money from them & sell their products at low prices. Stefanou, S. E., & Saxena, S. (1988). Registered Data Controller No: Z1821391. This leads to over-irrigation of low-lying areas and under-irrigation of superior spots in those results in irregular supply of all nutrients to the plants besides accumulation of salts in such areas. They cite productivity performance as partly caused by differences in input use and cropping intensity but link it with the use of technology and resource quality too. 25 percent of the water withdrawn for use in the agricultural sector is lost through leakages and line losses in the canals.

Increase in GDP shows the developing progress of the economy. Murgai, R., Ali, M., & Byerlee, D. (2001). It also reduces the import of food from other economies. About 4% of land is covered with forests in Pakistan.

This is necessary as agriculture sector possess higher labor absorption capacity compared to other sectors.

The factors included in farm efficiency are.

So we can say that agriculture has a great contribution toward economic development by providing the employment. Intermediate debt was found to be positively related to farm technical efficiency, and short-term debt was negatively related with technical efficiency. One of the reasons for the decline in the contribution of agriculture to the economy is lack of a formal national credit policy and paucity of credit institutions, which can assist farmers. The lag time between adoption of Green Revolution technologies and recognition of efficiency gains is related to learning- induced efficiency gains, better utilization of capital investments over problems and time with the ordinary methods of productivity measurement that downwardly bias measurements, particularly throughout the Green Revolution period. In the following section hypothesis are generated which describes Section 4.1, Section 4.2 describes data collection and section 4.3 describes the research method used in this study.

It accounting for over 21 percent of GDP, 45 percent of total labor force engaged with this sector. Agriculture sector have Strong linkage with the rest of the economy that is unnoticed in statistics. The main exported agricultural commodities are tea, oil cakes, fruits and vegetables, spices, tobacco, cotton, coffee, sugar, raw wool and vegetable oils. Industries have great importance for the development of any country specially for developing economies like Pakistan. Consequently, provision of macroeconomic policies and enabling institutional finance for agricultural development has been directed to the provision of infrastructure capable of facilitating agricultural development with a view to enhancing the contribution of the sector in the generation of employment, income and foreign exchange. Kharif crops are also known as the “summer or monsoon crops” in Pakistan and India.

Agriculture is the process of cultivation of the soil and the land for economic and production purposes.

It has been estimated that the farmers keep on applying water until the maximum point in a field is covered.

So agriculture play important role to the development of transportation for the purpose of distribution of goods. Pakistan is considered to be at the fifth position in the Muslim world and ranked at the twelfth position World Wide for farm output. Loan type shows comparison with production means shows that fertilizers get smallest loans as compare to seeds and others so we have to focus on fertilizers if use of more fertilizer can improve production efficiency. The constant expansion of the irrigation system over the past century drastically altered the hydrological balance of the Indus River basin. So the provision of raw material to the industries increases. According to research by (Ruben & Kolk, 2005) it is stated that Rural households use financial services for a wide variety of purpose credit can be applied in the production process as a device for hiring-in land, purchasing external inputs or contracting wage labor.

Education and experience are found to be substitutes and play a significant role in the level of efficiency. Technology is an important factor for economic development of a country. A crucial characteristic of these new HYVs was their high yields when used in conjunction with chemical fertilizer (henceforth just fertilizer) and controlled irrigation. Thus available horsepower (hp) at farm level will be 0.82 hp per hectare as compared with 1.4 hp per hectare recommended by FAO for developing countries. As large scale industries these also helps to provide employment level to the public. The agriculture industry provides employment to a large portion of the labour force of the country. 1st Jan 1970 Greater use of inputs may increase yields if they are managed properly. Its contribution towards GDP is about 25% which is higher than contribution of any other sector. When this training influences production decision making, it is relevant to consider allocative efficiency. When input choice is affected by external financing, disparities between input costs and marginal value products may occur, increasing farm costs and, as a consequence, decreasing farm efficiency. First, empirical evidence from areas of Asia that experienced rapid Green Revolution-induced change suggests that when new technologies were first adopted, inefficiency was fairly high (about 30 percent). There are other fertilizer products as source of micronutrients such as Zinc, Boron and Iron would also be targeted for specific crops (rice, cotton, maize, sugarcane, vegetables and horticultural crops) for efficiency and quality.

doesn’t have much impact on yield output. Textile industries also provide employment level which increases the per capita income of the person. The overall fertilizer consumption is estimated at 4,152 thousand tones. But you can one from professional essay writers. The agriculture sector also provides a large amount of raw material to the industrial sector. World Bank – its role in farm mechanization. Importance will be given on support of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in order to reduce the application of pesticides in the best way. Major industries like textile and sugar are agriculture based sectors. Agriculture contributes to a sizeable part of exports and it is an important segment of imports of the economy. Our editors will help you fix any mistakes and get an A+!

This estimate is somewhat speculative yet it gives a first order approximation of the nature of the problem. As such in Pakistan agriculture has still an instrumental role to play in bettering the lot of rural population in particular and overall population in general. it contributes about 25% of total GDP, which is larger than other sectors of Pakistan. You can view samples of our professional work here.

According to a study by three Pakistani and Indian experts, “if India were to produce the same amount of rice with Pakistan’s productivity level, it would have to devote an additional area of more than one million hectares under rice”. They can be cooked in many ways, including boiling, frying, baking, and in several traditional dishes throughout the world to increase their protein requirements. The picture of wheat is worse. The American Diabetes Association advises people with diabetes to add dried beans or non-sodium canned beans to several meals each week. Bacteria fixing nitrogen to provide nitrogen fertilizer for some plants, to breaking down organic matter so the plants can use it for food.

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