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smoked pineapple pulled pork

Let’s go ahead and rename it Hulapeño Pulled Pork. Lamb Chops

One of the important things when seasoning something like a pork butt is to use something to help the rub to stay in place and not fall off as you move it around and transport it to the smoker.

CS Ribs Please understand that this is how I support the newsletter, the website and all of the other stuff that we do here to promote the art of smoking meat. I usually take a little bite to see what I'm dealing with and go from there. You can generally count on about 50-60% of the weight you started with.

Tip: How many pounds of meat without weighing?

Followed your rib recipe and everyone loved them.

But I may try it. Salmon We used Jeff's rub and sauce (sauce on the side) and it was a landslide win for us this year! Set the pork butt aside as it is now ready for the smoker. I used to occasionally let meat warm up a little before placing it in the smoker but new research shows that it’s best to just go from fridge to smoker/grill as quickly as possible. Prime Rib Wings, Turkey We all agreed it was the best sauce we have had in a while. Set the pork butt aside and go get the smoker ready. Smoking Meat: The Essential Guide to Real Barbecue – The book is full of recipes and contains tons of helpful information as well. Pork Sirloin, Chicken Let the pork butt cook for about 12-14 hours or until it reaches an internal temperature of 205°F. It will often come apart at areas where fat has not rendered completely and this will give you a chance to remove some of the fat before the pulling process begins. Breast And you don't have to worry since it will NOT taste like mustard once it's mixed with the rub and smoked.

This is to contain the rendered juices. I recently purchased both recipes. I generally do not bother with the picnic roast as it has a thick skin that I don't enjoy  peeling off. In my opinion, pulled pork is best when it is in bite size pieces and not shredded into fine strands of meat.

I recommend applying a light smoke for at least 6 hours if you are using an electric, gas or charcoal smoker. Baby Back Ribs Thin Blue LLC/Smoking-Meat.com © 2004-2020 All rights reserved. Some have even said that “no smoker should be without this book”! Thank you in advance for using our special link: http://www.smoking-meat.com/amazon. Be sure to use a digital probe meat thermometer such as the Maverick ET-733 to monitor the temperature of the pork butt. On point! Chops Shrimp Add the mustard all over the top of the pork butt and use your hands to spread it out all over the sides. I recommend tenting foil over the top of the pork butt and letting it rest for 30-45 minutes before attempting to pull the meat. Add about ¼ cup of Jeff's original rub (Purchase formula here | Purchase bottled rub) to the pulled pork and stir it in with the jalapeños. This looks delicious! A normal pork butt will yield about 4 lbs of finished pulled pork. Butt/Shoulder Meatloaf

Pull the meat apart into small pieces and chunks removing any fat clumps or pieces as you go. I tried them both last weekend and they were a huge hit. All Beef So your original pork butt was 7 lbs, you can safely estimate that your finished amount is about 4 lbs. Leg/Drumstick

Short Ribs

+ Free 5-Chapter eCourse on Smoking Meat Basics, 8-12 jalapenos (cleaned, seeded and diced). Most pork butts cooked to this temperature in this way will pull apart so easily that you will not need to apply a lot of effort. Did you remove the seeds from the Jalepenos?

Burnt Ends This recipe is awesome I have made it for many occasions and it’s always a hit in the process of making it for my sons grad party.

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